TRADA has teamed up with the Emergent Technologies and Design (EmTech) Graduate Programme at the Architectural Association (AA) School of Architecture to create a wooden pavilion that it hopes will steal the show at this year’s Timber Expo.


Built from 6mm and 4mm birch plywood– supplied by TRADA member Hanson Plywood – the pavilion, named The Twist, explores experimentation into twisting and bending timber to create a doubly-curved surface that provides interesting spatial experiences. Once finished, the pavilion will be designed to exploit and celebrate the material behaviour of wood.


The project, initiated as a collaboration between students from the Emergent Technologies and Design Programme at the AA and TRADA, the UK’s leading timber authority, is a real-life exploration of the bending and twisting capacity of timber by integrating structural and spatial performance into one elegant architectural solution.


And it’s not just all about the theory. Students have already been getting to grips with the realities of the project during a residential week at Hooke Park, a 350-acre working forest owned by the AA with a studio pace and CNC routing facilities. Students have been focusing on the project, prototyping, designing, taking part in workshops and also using CNC routing technology to see the sculpture come to life. It will be assembled in the Assembly Workshop at Hooke Park.


In addition to its outing at Timber Expo, it has been confirmed that this The Twist will be built in Bedford Square, London and accessible by the public in January 2016 as part of the Architectural Association''s Public Programme Exhibitions series. This time of year coincides with the Master of Architecture jury week, where a large number of visitors, including many local and international top architects and engineers, visit the school.


For more information on the project, please visit the AA Hooke Park website


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