Select the most efficient timber cross-section for your design

About timbersizerPro EC5 edition

Using timber sizes readily available in the UK market, timbersizer suggests appropriate cross-sections based on timber strength classes C16 or C24, or joist depth. This allows you to specify the most appropriate timbers available, or ones that give the optimum floor/ceiling depth.

Comply with the latest Eurocode standards

Based on the Eurocodes 0, 1 and 5 and their UK National annexes, timbersizerPro calculations are appropriate for all designs compliant with Eurocode standards.

The timbersizer service is regularly reviewed to keep it abreast of any modifications and changes to the Eurocode standards. This helps you to ensure your designs are compliant with the latest codes.

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Covers all domestic structural timber members

Calculation options include: joists for domestic floors, ceilings or flat roofs; binders supporting ceiling joists; rafters; and purlins supporting rafters, sheeting or decking.

Consistent with TRADA's Eurocode 5 span tables

timbersizer uses the same calculation engine as the new version of the TRADA publication Eurocode 5 Span tables for solid timber members in floors, ceilings and roofs for dwellings. So you can have confidence in the calculation results it produces.

Accessible online user interface

Improved online user interface means that you can access the software from PC or Mac anytime, anywhere.

All you need to access the service is an internet connection and a web browser. Any updates will be immediately accessible.

Generate an instant report

timbersizerPro subscribers can generate custom pdf reports with full numerical strength/stress comparisons of timber performance. This is useful for calculation reference and Building Control requirements.

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Customise your designs

timbersizerPro subscribers can customise and tweak all design parameters with advanced controls to define specific timber sizes and load values for Strength classes in the range C14-D70.

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