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Roxil Wood Protection Cream: Waterproofing for Softwood Timber & Weathered Hardwoods. Roxil Wood Protection Cream is a silicone waterproofing cream emulsion for wood. The unique cream formula is applied in a single coat directly to unpainted softwood timber using a brush or roller.

After application, the cream will absorb into the wood surface and create an invisible waterproof barrier.

  • Weatherproofs wood for 10+ years

  • Single coat - no drip formulation

  • Reduces warping and cracking

  • Maintains natural breathability

  • Shower-proof application - instantly waterproofs

A single coat of Roxil Wood Protection Cream will protect wood for 10+ years. The cream formula also allows for a quick and accurate application, with no splashback or run off on vertical or horizontal surfaces. To ensure best results, treatments surfaces should first be cleaned using Roxil 100 Wood & Patio Cleaner.

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Preservative treatments
- Water born micro emulsion


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The Roxil External Timber Protection Range has been specifically designed to protect external softwood timbers from the damaging effects of moisture.

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Roxil® Wood Protection Cream is a silicone cream emulsion used to protect vulnerable absorbent wood such as softwood timber and weathered hardwoods whilst retaining a natural appearance.

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Roxil Wood Protection Liquid is a liquid, water-based silicone emulsion used to protect timber. The silicone waterproofs the surface and protects the wood from the undesirable effects of moisture.


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