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Via dell'Adige 2/1, 1-39040 Cortaccia (BZ), 1-39040, Italy


+39 0471 818400/044

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Rothoblaas is an Italian multinational company based in the Alpine region - leading developer and provider of high technology solutions to the timber building sector.
Thanks to its broad network, the company markets in over 70 countries worldwide and is trusted by UK customers since 2011.
Dedicated professionalism and strong committment have permitted Rothoblaas to become a reliable partner and quality supplier to its customers. The company provides a wide range of cutting-edge products such as assembly and fastening systems for carpentry and woodworking machines, airtight and waterproof membranes as well as sound insulation profiles and fall-arrest protective devides. Rothoblaas is the reference point to engineers, architects and carpenters constructing a timber building, providing the right product and customized technical consultancy.

What we offer

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Hardwood decking

Breather membranes
Acoustic insulation
Damp proof membranes

Cladding fixings
Decking fixings
Nails and screws
Timber connectors

Timber cladding systems

Circular saws
Hand tools
Nail guns

Repair systems
- Structural resins

Consulting Engineers
Product Consultants


ALUMIDI - Tech Sheet navigation-arrow

Hidden aluminium alloy bracket EN AW 6005A. Wood-wood and wood-concrete shear connections - horizontal and inclined joints.

TITAN V - Tech Sheet navigation-arrow

Angle bracket for shear connection of wooden walls to reinforced concrete substructures. Steel thickness: 3mm One piece with no welding

HBS H - Tech Sheet navigation-arrow

Countersunk screw with under-head ribs, pecial tip with diamond geometry and notched, serrated thread. Made of carbon steel and bright zinc plated, great on high density woods (up to 780 kg/m3).

VGZ EVO - Tech Sheet navigation-arrow

Full threaded hidden connector, approved for structural applications, stresses in any direction (α = 0° - 90°). Tested values for CLT and LVL. Made of carbon steel with well performing C4 EVO coating.

CLIMA CONTROL 80 - Tech Sheet navigation-arrow

Membrane with variable resistance to vapour diffusion. PassiveHouse Institute certified. Made with vapour check PA film (top) and non-woven PP fabric (bottom) to adapt to hygrometric conditions.


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