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Bespoke timber frames panel manufacture. From an initial architect's drawing, we will review the drawings for production, use the client's engineer, or use our own engineer to assess the required loads for the timbers and specification. At times, the timber we use will exceed requirements in order to improve the lifetime of the final product. Once we have produced the production drawings and secured a production slot, we will then manufacture using the following materials and standards to produce a bespoke high quality product:
Our panel manufacture specification standards:
C24 treated timber with a copper hydroxide based treatment which has a far better resistance to fungi and insects, so will be a longer lasting, better quality product. It is also a slightly bigger section 145x45 / 95x45mm compared to most others which are 140x38 / 89x38mm.
Sterling board, OSB3 as a structural panel: we use this to brace all the timber frame panels, with the addition of gluing the sterling board to the face of the studwork and, working to NHBC requirements for nailing centres, we minimise the chance of movement of the whole timber frame structure. Also in gluing the panels together we also improve the air tightness of the building by overlapping the sterling board between panels, making the house/building easier and cheaper to keep warm once insulated and a vapour barrier has been installed. The building will act as one big piece of insulation, lowering the cost of heating and cooling the building. We will also install a perimeter timber to additionally brace the building and allow the internal sheets of plasterboard to be fixed to reduce cracks later down the building's life time.
The exterior breather membrane we use adds to the insulation of the building, as it reflects the heat away In the summer and keeps the warm air in in the winter. This is also greatly increased by using the internal vapour barrier that complements the exterior one we install in our factory.
This will be subject to an energy assessor's report for a new build property which will state the ins and outs of what the buildings requirements are. For instance, timber or masonry cladding on the exterior can make a difference to the buildings overall U-value. We can work alongside the engineer, architect, energy assessor, local council or warranty provider to develop a high quality project. With over 10 years' experience each in construction and through different positions in that time we have a broad understanding on how to deliver a high quality product.


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