Strutting in timber floors

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Strutting plays a useful role in promoting composite structural behaviour of the components that form a timber floor.


The effects of strutting are to:

  • reduce local deflections by transferring load to adjacent joists (load sharing)
  • improve joist stability by providing lateral support to joist edges
  • reduce the effects of vibration that have frequencies above the natural frequency of the floor.


This Wood Information Sheet (WIS) provides an overview of when and why to use strutting in timber floors, types of strutting, and how to install it.



  • Deflections
  • Vibration
  • Types of strutting
  • Where to use strutting
  • How to install strutting


This WIS was reviewed in May 2022.


For queries about this technical document, please get in touch with its authors via BM TRADA’s Technical Helpline on +44 (0)1494 569601 or email


A paper/digital copy of this Wood Information Sheet is available in the BM TRADA Bookshop, which also hosts additional specialist timber publications.

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