Specifying British-grown timbers

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Ever since the Government requested the advice of an Independent Panel on Forestry, British-grown timbers have been a hot topic in the industry, yet many people remain unaware of just how much of their timber is sourced from British forests.

With over 40% of the total sawn timber and over 70% of the total particleboard consumption in Britain sourced from British-grown timber, the specification of British-grown timbers is of great importance.

The purpose of this Wood Information Sheet is to summarise the characteristics and the current and potential uses of timber grown in Britain.

This WIS also contains a detailed set of species data sheets of a number of Britain's timbers including Oak, ash and Douglas fir.



  • British timber
  • Products and uses
  • Quality
  • Design and interchangeability
  • Species data sheets


 This Wood Information Sheet was reviewed in May 2017 and minor changes have been made.

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