Modified wood products

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Defined as wood which has been treated with a chemical, biological or physical agent to enhance its performance, Modified wood products (MWPs) are an area of almost constant change, with new techniques being developed all the time.

The seemingly unrelenting changes and improvements in MWPs make the need for specifiers to be kept abreast of developments of paramount importance.

This Wood Information Sheet provides readers with a guide to the benefits of modifying wood, how to select and specify modified woods for a particular use and how woods are modified and the significance of specifiers.


  • Types of modified wood product
  • Benefits of modified woods
  • Selecting modified woods
  • Principal processes for modifying wood
  • Quality assurance process
  • Manufacturers' addresses
  • Further reading

This Wood Information Sheet was revised in January 2017. Updates have been made to Table 1 to reflect the current range of modified wood products most commercially available in the UK. Tables 2 and 3 have also been revised to show more recent test results, including the dimensional stability that modification can provide. More information has been added on thermal modification and the relevant products on offer.

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