CE marking: implications for timber products

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This Wood Information Sheet is under review following the UK's exit from the EU. Attached to the front of the document is a technical bulletin explaining UKCA marking. 


This Wood Information Sheet explains the legal basis behind CE marking and the requirement to comply with the EU Construction Products Directive. The role of 'Harmonised standards' and CE marking in demonstrating compliance with the CPD is discussed.

Products which can be CE marked to Harmonised Standards currently are listed, as are those which may be found with CE marks via an ETAG. Examples of CE marking for glulam, trussed rafters and machine-graded structural timber are illustrated.

The first harmonised Standard published for timber products was EN 13986 for panel products and this is used to demonstrate the process behind CE marking. The performance requirements defined in the standard relate to the Essential Requirements laid down in the CPD and these are shown in tables.

Finally, the implications of CE marking for suppliers and users are outlined.



  • Background
  • Procedure
  • Timber products with harmonised standards
  • Example: CE marking for wood-based panels
  • Exceptions
  • Implications

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