Carbon and timber in construction for building designers

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This Wood Information Sheet covers the following topics in relation to timber in buildings: carbon emissions, carbon stores and the complex relationship between timber in the built environment and the forests it was sourced from. It also provides methods to minimise carbon use and to maximise the carbon store, and explains procedures for calculating the embodied carbon in a building according to a life cycle assessment (LCA).


Timber is largely made from carbon: its use in construction results in both carbon storage and carbon emissions. Understanding how to manage carbon emissions and calculate embodied carbon helps to maximise the environmental benefits of building with timber.



  • Carbon and timber
  • Carbon emissions from buildings
  • Calculating whole-life carbon for a building
  • Minimising built environment carbon emissions
  • Carbon stores
  • The carbon impact of timber in construction
  • Whole-life carbon emissions and global temperature increases
  • Transport emissions (LCA module A4)
  • End-of-life emissions (LCA modules C1–C4)


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A paper/digital copy of this Wood Information Sheet is available in the BM TRADA Bookshop, which also hosts additional specialist timber publications.

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