Timber design pioneers: delivering high-specification interiors

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Timber design pioneers explores how collaboration can drive innovation in design and construction.


Chapter 2, Delivering high-specification interiors, features three very different and remarkable projects:

  • The Vortex
  • Coastal House
  • Portledge Rear Staircase


Chapter 2 includes interviews with:

  • Kate Murphy, Foster + Partners
  • Edoardo Tibuzzi, AKT II
  • Mark Hazell, TMJ Interiors
  • Stephanie Macdonald, 6a architects
  • Paul Batty, Price & Myers
  • Geoff Crawford, Witcher Crawford Architects and Designers
  • Warren Hughes, Warren Hughes Furniture


An inspiring aspect of this publication is the willingness of timber experts across the design team to learn from each other. The ability to recognise that the expertise of individuals in the project team can help to resolve some of the toughest technical problems has to be admired. Effective collaboration has enabled timber to reach its highest potential and that should be celebrated.

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