Re-engineering the forest-wood supply chain: Evaluation of current supply chain practices

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A report presenting interim results from a research project to demonstrate how the environmental impact of the storage and distribution of wood products can be minimised through better supply chain management. It examines supply chains in the timber industry, drawing on experience from other industries and national statistics relating to transport and environmental issues. Detailed case studies from 18 companies representing all levels in the timber supply chain are included in Appendix 2.


  • Executive summary
  • Background and introduction
  • Environmental impact and supply chain factors
  • Sustainable distribution
  • Transport
  • E-commerce
  • Supply chain vulnerability
  • Supply chains in the UK timber industry
  • Imported and home-grown sawn timber and wood based panel statistics
  • Salient points of the supply chain study
  • Interviews with industry professionals in the UK forecast timber supply chain
  • Case studies of timber supply chains
  • Summary of the attitudes to supply chain issues
  • Common issues arising from survey

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