New growth, new competitiveness. The timber industry: A strategic study for increased competitiveness

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This first report of an industry-wide competitiveness study presents the results of two major market research surveys. End use studies quantify the volumes of timber passing along the "wood chain" from sawmills, importers, merchants, product manufacturers, distributors to end-use markets. The results of a qualitative study into the needs of product manufacturers' can be used to drive process improvements and improve efficiency.


  • End-use studies: 
    • Research aims and methodology
    • Definitions
    • Softwoods
    • Hardwoods
    • Panels and boards
    • Timber frame manufacturers
    • Trussed rafter manufacturers
    • Door manufcaturers
    • Window manufacturers
  • Product manufacturers' needs
    • Timber design
    • Materials
    • Specifications
    • Major factors affecting future efficiency and competitiveness
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendations

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