Specifying wood floor products

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Richard White puts appearance, wear resistance, environmental conditions, dimensional stability and under-floor heating into the mix when specifying wood floors.

Article from the TRADA Timber Industry Yearbook 2014

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TRADA's flooring specialist Peter Kaczmar commends a simplified approach to Standards.

It is usually the case that when something is taken for granted, it is generally an indication that it fulfils its function without the need for additional servicing, maintenance or in-service adjustment. The fact that it does so...

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All timber over a period of time will reach a moisture content which is in equilibrium with the temperature and humidity of the surrounding atmosphere. Moisture content measurement is based on the weight of water present in the timber and is expressed as a percentage of the dry weight of...

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Wood is a natural material, and is sourced from many different tree species. Each species produces timber which varies in colour, density and performance properties, all of which will influence that species' suitability for a particular job.

Tree species are broadly divided into two main groups: softwood and hardwood....

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