Overcladding: the case for timber

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Adding insulation externally when refurbishing older buildings has a number of advantages. It avoids losing internal space and may help to minimise disruption if the building is to remain in use. It also means that external masonry walls, when insulated on the outside, can contribute thermal mass to conserve either solar heat generated from glazed walls, or internally generated heat from the lighting or occupants.

Article from In Touch with Timber Magazine Issue 1 (Autumn 2010)

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Case study of cladding at Stonebridge Hillside Hub, West Londonnavigation-arrow

TRADA Technology's marketing manager, Rupert Scott, describes the use of the softwood larch as cladding in this extract from a detailed case study published in 2010.

Article from the TRADA Timber Industry Yearbook 2011

01/01/2011 |  Magazine Article  

Discoloration: prevention and curenavigation-arrow

TRADA Technology's Senior Technical Consultant Peter Kaczmar discusses a TRADA research project into the causes of discoloration of external cladding

Article from the TRADA Timber Industry Yearbook 2012

01/01/2012 |  Magazine Article  

Solving the cladding conundrumnavigation-arrow

Peter Kaczmar, Senior Technical Consultant at TRADA Technology, explains the results of recent research into the reasons for discolouration of unfinished exterior timber cladding and ways to treat it.

Article from In Touch with Timber Issue 12 (Summer 2013)

01/01/2013 |  Magazine Article