Limiting fire and smoke spread

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BM TRADA Product Assessor Simon Bailey highlights the importance of understanding fire and smoke control within buildings.

Article from the TRADA Timber Industry Yearbook 2015

Suggested Reading

Upgrading timber joinery doors for fire resistancenavigation-arrow

This Wood Information Sheet gives guidance on assessing the suitability of existing doors for upgrading to give a 20 or 30 minutes' fire resistance comparable with that of purpose-made fire doors. Upgrading to 60 minutes' performance will rarely be possible.


Upgrading the fire resistance of existing doors is a...

09/01/2020 |  Wood Information Sheet  

Passive fire protectionnavigation-arrow

Chiltern International Fire's Product Assessor Simon Bailey discusses the role of passive fire protection (PFP) products, in the context of Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, and emphasises the need for correct installation to ensure performance and life safety.

Article from the TRADA Timber Industry Yearbook 2012

01/01/2012 |  Magazine Article  

Doors: The open and shut case for careful specificationnavigation-arrow

Doors perform many important functions beyond letting people enter and exit a building; they reduce vulnerability to many fundamental risks, including:

- Fire

- Security breaches

- Unfair prevention of access

- Loss of heat/cooling (energy inefficiency)

- Noise

- The weather, especially high winds and driving rain.


01/01/2016 |  Magazine Article