Hybrid timber systems

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Does the lowest cost option really offer best value on a construction project? Andrew Carpenter suggests a different approach.


Article from Timber 2018 Industry Yearbook

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An update on grading timber for structural usenavigation-arrow

Hugh Mansfield-Williams and Daniel Ridley-Ellis take a look at the recent changes in standards.


Article from Timber 2017 Industry Yearbook

01/03/2017 |  Magazine Article  

CE marking: implications for timber productsnavigation-arrow

This Wood Information Sheet explains the legal basis behind CE marking and the requirement to comply with the EU Construction Products Directive. The role of 'Harmonised standards' and CE marking in demonstrating compliance with the CPD is discussed.

Products which can be CE marked to Harmonised Standards currently...

04/04/2016 |  Wood Information Sheet  

Glued laminated timbernavigation-arrow

This revised WIS takes account of the radically revised product Standard BS EN 14080:2013 which replaces a raft of glulam-related standards.


Aesthetically attractive structural timber components of large sizes and complex shapes can be fabricated from smaller sawn sections (laminations) by the process of glued lamination, known as...

11/04/2016 |  Wood Information Sheet