Avoiding construction fires and reducing risks

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Fires occur every day and some have devastating and fatal impacts to human life. Ensuring fire safety in the design of buildings is a significant part of the process from concept to completion of a project.

Article from Timber 2016 Industry Yearbook

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Upgrading timber joinery doors for fire resistancenavigation-arrow

This Wood Information Sheet gives guidance on assessing the suitability of existing doors for upgrading to give a 20 or 30 minutes' fire resistance comparable with that of purpose-made fire doors. Upgrading to 60 minutes' performance will rarely be possible.


Upgrading the fire resistance of existing doors is a...

09/01/2020 |  Wood Information Sheet  

Performance of fire-resisting timber doorsetsnavigation-arrow

Fire-resisting doorsets are required to be able to contain a fully
developed fire, to facilitate escape of a building’s occupants and allow
fire-fighting, and to protect the structure from the effects of fire. The
doorset therefore must have resistance to fire, expressed in terms of

This Wood Information...

09/10/2018 |  Wood Information Sheet  

Fire performance of timber frame dwellingsnavigation-arrow

This Wood Information Sheet, produced in association with the UK Timber Frame Association, explains the basic principles used in meeting fire performance requirements and provides guidance to ensure that all parties involved understand their role in the design and construction of a timber frame building.

The sheet considers...

12/09/2016 |  Wood Information Sheet