The role of wood in reducing climate change. A summary of the arguments.

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The use of wood, and the corresponding renewal of our forests, reduces CO2 in the atmosphere and is a significant factor in limiting the growth of global warming.

Recognising the importance of wood, a naturally renewable building material, is one of the best ways of demonstrating a determination to care for the future of the world's natural resources.

This brochure prepared by wood. for good. and the Nordic Timber Council contains a detailed explanation of the issues surrounding Climate Change and how the increased use of wood in construction could help slow Greenhouse Gas emissions.

This brochure also contains a number of detailed graphs, diagrams and statistics relating to our current carbon emissions, as well as the potential carbon sink our forests offer.

  • What do we mean by Climate Change?
  • How does using wood reduce Climate Change?
  • Europe's forests are increasing
  • Our responsibility - the way ahead
  • Contact points & references

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