The builder's guide to wood flooring

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A wood floor is an environmentally sound choice when the timber sourced from sustainably managed forests like those typically found in the UK, Nordic countries, Europe, Canada and the United States.

Wood is a naturally renewable material. In Northern Europe our forests are growing with an annual surplus of growth over harvest of some 252 million cubic metres - almost 30 times the UK's total annual timber consumption.

This brochure, prepared by wood. for good. offers a comprehensive and detailed guide to specifiers who may be considering wood as a flooring option.

Amongst other things, this brochure contains a detailed analysis of the benefits of wood as a flooring material, a list of some of the main species used in wood flooring, and a best practice guide explaining the intracacies of laying wood flooring as a step-by step process.


  • A sustainable building material
  • Why choose wood?
  • Softwood flooring
  • Timber flooring specifications
  • Main species of solid wood flooring
  • Main types of finishes
  • Laying a solid wood floor on joists
  • Laying a solid wood flooring as a floating floor
  • Tips for fixing hardwood flooring
  • Maintaining wood flooring
  • Plywood decorative floors
  • Fixing plywood onto joists
  • Laying plywood onto continuously supported floors
  • Engineered and innovative wood flooring
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Suppliers and stockists

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