Structural fire design: Statement on the design of cross-laminated timber (J. Schmid, N. Werther, M. Klippel and A. Frangi)

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Included on the TRADA website by permission of the Civil Engineering Research Journal, Juniper Publishers and the authors.


This document was prepared in response to comments about cross-laminated timber (CLT) in journals, online press and lobby documents that highlighted “inconsistencies” of the product when it comes to its fire safe use.


It summarises relevant fire characteristics of CLT and addresses them accordingly with respect to common understanding, established experience, European standardisation and available design guidance. It will be particularly useful for timber engineers and other designers as it explains that currently fire design is not fully covered by codes, but safe design is possible using additional sources as guideline and state of the art documents. The authors of this document share the opinion with CEN/TC 250/SC5/WG4 (a sub-division of the EN Eurocodes committee for structural design) that fire safe design of CLT is achieved when actual state of the art guidance is followed.


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