Residential timber: Cost model

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Prepared by Alinea in association with TRADA member Engenuiti, this document presents two detailed exemplar cost models, one each for a CLT and concrete design for a seven-storey private residential building. The scheme has been designed with both a timber and concrete solution in mind at the outset, for ease of comparison, with a structural layout to suit both.


This cost model is based on:

• A building in London (Zones 3 – 6)
• 307,912ft2 gross internal floor area / 223,286ft2 net
internal (residential) area
• A small retail shell at ground level
• 294 residential apartments (all for private sale)
• CLT frame, upper floors, roof, core, stairs, external walls
(all first floor and above)
• Reinforced concrete ground and transfer slab
• CLT all non-visual grade
• Piled foundations due to poor ground conditions.


Authored by Alex Hyams, Steve Watts and Catherine Harvatt at Alinea Consulting, with assistance from Paul Grimes and Clive Fussell of Engenuiti, and Danny Hopkin of Olsson Fire & Risk.

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