Large span timber structures

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More architects are building bigger projects than ever in wood, as new timber technology and engineering expands wood's structural potential and opens new opportunities to explore the natural organic beauty of this most environmentally friendly building material.

Large span timber structures provides a snapshot of some of the larger timber projects recently completed in Europe.

This brochure examines some of the largest glulam and laminated veneer lumber (LVL) structures built across Europe, from Sheffield to Berlin.


  • Sheffield Winter Garden
  • Oslo airport
  • North Rhine Westphalia Representatives Building
  • Velux Building
  • Eno Library
  • Darlaston Swimming Pool
  • Hannover Expo Canopy
  • South Bank University
  • Auto Carrera
  • Vikki teaching and research farm
  • Hounslow East underground station
  • Pohjola football stadium
  • Padre Pio pilgrimage church
  • Leonardo bridge
  • Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha temple

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