Wood windows

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A wood window is an engineered product, designed and manufactured to withstand extremes of weather. Only fit windows independently assessed to meet British Standards. For maximum durability and maintenance intervals, fit wood windows that have been fully painted or stained and glazed in the factory.

This Choose and Use sheet gives an overview of the factors which should be considered when specifying wood windows, it covers the Building Regulations which must be adhered to, the way in which energy efficiency is measured and also some of the different, most common styles of window design.

The sheet also discusses the differing types of windows, it covers the unique qualities and difficulties associated with tilt and turn, side hung casement, vertical sliding sash windows and more.


  • Energy efficiency
  • Security
  • The right window type
  • Choose the right style
  • Storage and handling
  • Fitting windows
  • Bespoke windows

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