Timber in loft conversions

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Timber can be used effectively in a variety of ways to improve the performance of any loft conversion, including helping to ensure compliance with Building Regulations.

This Choose and Use sheet gives an overview of some of the benefits of loft conversions, as well as some of the considerations which must be taken into account prior to installation. 

Included in this sheet are details of how timber in a loft conversion can help with compliance to Building Regulations related to both acoustic and energy-efficient thermal insulation.


  • Before you start the project
  • Assessing the existing structure
  • Planning permission
  • Building Regulations approval
  • Party walls
  • Bats
  • Ventilation and thermal insulation
  • Strength grading for structural timber
  • Notching and drilling for wiring and pipe work
  • Stairs, windows and doors
  • Fire doors
  • Floors and decoration

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