The European construction products regulation (CPR) - An overview and comparison with the construction products directive (Version 2)

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We are facing the most significant change for a decade in the way in which construction products are manufactured and sold in the European Union. Most affected will be the UK, Ireland and Sweden because it will become mandatory for many construction products which fall under the scope of the Construction Product Regulation to make a declaration of their performance - and to carry the CE mark to demonstrate this - before they can be placed on the market in the UK and indeed the rest of Europe. These three Member States previously allowed voluntary application of the CE mark. An understanding of the CPR will be essential for all manufacturers, specifiers, importers, distributors and purchasers of construction products.

This construction briefing is aimed at the semi-technical reader, who already has a basic knowledge of the Directive and wants to understand the important changes under the new Regulation. The subject area is complex and vast as there are currently 430 published technical specifications under the CPD/CPR and TRADA recognises that further specific technical guidance will be necessary



  • Purpose of the CPR
  • Timescales for implementation
    • General
    • European Technical Assessments
    • The Building Regulations
  • Overview of the CPR
  • Comparison of the CPR and CPD
  • General commercial consequences

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