England & Wales Building Regulations: Part L: Conservation of fuel and power - A summary of the changes in 2010 edition (Version 1)

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The Department of Communities and Local Government (CLG) forewarned us some years ago that there would be significant amendments to Part L in 2010, 2013 plus our final goal of so called 'zero carbon' by 2016. A reduction of permitted carbon emissions by 2010 was expected and is now in place beginning in October of 2010. In broad terms the emissions target is 25% lower (tougher) than at present.

This Construction Briefing gives designers a breakdown of the key changes (which will come into effect in October 2010) being made to Part L as well as how they can adapt to comply to them.

This sheet details the transitional arrangements which have been made and explains the five main criteria which must be met in complying with Part L regulations.


  • Transitional arrangements
  • New buildings
    • General
    • CO2 target
    • Design backstop fabric standards
    • Limiting solar gains
    • Checking of build quality and commissioning
           - Party walls
           - Accredited construction details / thermal bridging
           - Air tightness
    • Conservatories - domestic
    • Shell and core developments
    • Energy meters and centralised switching of appliances
    • Building services guides
  • Existing buildings
    • Consequential improvements
    • Renovated elements
    • New thermal elements
    • New 'controlled fittings' - including doors and windows
    • Historic buildings
    • Conservatories


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