England & Wales Building Regulations: Part B Vol 1 fire safety: dwellinghouses - A summary of the amendments (Version 2)

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The 2006 edition of Part B is essentially a set of small to medium sized changes which will have some significant impacts in particular areas only. For example self-closing devices are no longer required to be fitted to fire doors in dwellinghouses, except to integral garage doors. It does not present a radical change in approach or performance standard to fire safety regulation.

The most significant change is that there are now two volumes to Part B, with Volume 1 addressing dwellinghouses and Volume 2 addressing all other building types.

This Construction Briefing summarises the amendments which are effective in England and Wales from April 2006.

The briefing lists the changes and gives readers a commentary explaining the implications of the changes to the UK construction industry. It also details the procedures put in place to ensure a smooth transition to the new Building Regulations.


  • Transitional procedures
  • Summary of the amendments made in 2006 edition
    • Approved Document B
    • Certification schemes
    • Residential sprinklers
    • Adult placement
    • Fire alarms
    • Means of escape
    • Integral garages
    • Compartmentation
    • Cavity barriers
    • Roof coverings
    • Vehicle access
    • Self-closing devices

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