BRE Std BES6001: 'Framework Standard for the responsible sourcing of construction products' - A summary & comparison with timber certification (Version 1)

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The construction industry certainly has no shortage of sustainability related issues and associated tools to wrestle with. Launched in October 2008, the BRE Standard BES6001 'Framework Standard for the Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products', is just the latest of a long and recent list, which sets out to create a mechanism for measuring and certifying a range of 'green credentials'.

This Construction Briefing gives readers a brief history of the Standard, explains how it fits in alongside other forms of timber certification and examines the differences and benefits of responsible stewardship in comparison with responsible sourcing.


  • Brief history of the development of BES6001
  • Responsible stewardship vs responsible sourcing
  • Summary of the main components of BES6001
    • Organisational management requirements
    • Supply chain management requirements
    • Environmental and social requirements
  • Comparison of BES6001 with forestry stewardship schemes in general

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