Research Summaries are relatively new and seek to report on relevant research by ourselves and others that we believe is of interest to our members. We are always keen to find out about new and future research work, which we could summarise in this way.

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Featured Publications

Engineered bamboo and bamboo engineering

David Trujillo and Dr Hector Archila

This Research Summary is based on an international symposium titled Bamboo in the Urban Environment, which took place at the University of Pittsburgh in May 2016. It focuses on topics related to:
  • product development
  • material testing and characterisation
  • testing of connections, and
  • end products.

This document is divided into two broad topics: engineered bamboo and bamboo engineering.

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Summary of selected timber research projects presented at World Conference on Timber Engineering 2016

Hugh Mansfield-Williams

The World Conference on Timber Engineering 2016 was a major event for structural timber research and development. This Research Summary discusses a selection of the presentations, covering topics such as:
  • product innovation
  • structural use of hardwoods
  • use of timber in Japan
  • system build
  • building performance, and
  • engineering problems.


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Wood Science and Engineering

Dr Andrew Pitman and Exova BM TRADA

The first five articles summarise research projects presented at the 10th International Conference on Wood Science and Engineering (ICWSE), which took place on 5-7 November 2015 in Brasov, Romania. The event was hosted in collaboration with the International Union of Forest Research Organizations, Forest Products Society, Society of Wood Science and Technology, Academy of Technical Sciences of Romania, and Fachhochschule Salzburg.

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Contemporary non-metallic timber connections 2012 5
Cross-laminated timber: experimental research 2016 4
Engineered bamboo and bamboo engineering 2016 4
Future opportunities for British timber 2012 3
Restoring discoloured uncoated timber cladding 2012 3
Summary of selected research papers presented at Wood is Good 2015 4
Summary of selected timber research projects presented at World Conference on Timber Engineering 2016 2017 4
Summary of selected timber research projects presented at: INTER 2015 2016 4
Summary of selected timber research summaries presented at Young Researchers' Conference 2015 4
Summary of some research projects presented at INTER 2014 2015 4
The role of wood waste as a source of biomass fuel in the UK 2012 3
Thermal mass in lightweight domestic construction 2013 2
Wind-induced vibration in tall timber buildings 2014 4
Wood Science and Engineering 2016 4