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Hybrid construction: timber-based solutions to structural challenges


What is hybrid construction? And how can it be used to create sustainable and versatile buildings? This publication answers these questions by looking at different types of structural engineered timber in effective combinations with other materials, as illustrated by recent case studies. From straightforward projects to complex design briefs, hybrid construction is gaining momentum.

Case studies featured: Notre Dame Catholic College, Liverpool; Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon; West Ham bus garage, London; Living Planet Centre, Woking; Keynsham Town Hall, Somerset; Marks & Spencer, Cheshire Oaks; Banyan Wharf apartments, London; The Forum, Exeter University; Furness Academy, Cumbria; Norwich Cathedral visitor centre refectory; Alnwick Castle Garden visitor centre and pavilion, Northumberland; and John Hope Gateway Biodiversity Centre, Edinburgh.


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Assessment of the durability and engineering properties of lesser-known hardwood timber species for use in marine and freshwater construction 2010 1
Avoiding landfill through effective wood waste disposal and a shift in product focus 2004 5
Bracing for non-domestic timber trussed rafter roofs 1999 5
Cross-laminated timber: an introduction 2015 4
Environmentally responsible construction: Community wood recycling 2004 5
From sawmill to customer: Wax treatments for timber protection 1999 2
GD 5 How to calculate deformations in timber structures using Eurocodes 2006 5
GD3 Timber materials - Properties and associated design procedures with Eurocodes 2008 5
Historic development of timber structures 1985 2
Hybrid construction: timber-based solutions to structural challenges 2016 4
Joinery - saving on timber waste disposal and heating cost 2004 5
Lightweight steel and timber composite solutions: Information and guidance for new product development 2003 5
Macroscopic structure of hardwoods - with terms, definitions and drawings 1971 2
Microscopic structure of hardwoods - with terms, definitions and drawings 1971 2
Microscopical identification of softwoods - key to those principally used in Great Britain 1971 5
New growth, new competitiveness. The timber industry: A strategic study for increased competitiveness 1998 5
New research identifies additional species for use in marine and freshwater construction 2010 1
Panel Guide 2014 2
Re-engineering the forest-wood supply chain: Evaluation of current supply chain practices 2003 5
Resin repairs to timber structures. Design examples to Eurocode 5 2000 5
Round timber in construction: An introduction 2004 1
Round timber in construction: Notes for structural design 2004 2
Saving on waste disposal - through waste segregation in construction 2004 5
Sustainable timber....Sustainable homes 1999 2
The Eden project - a waste neutral strategy in construction and operation 2004 5
The timber industry...... A time for change 1999 5
Timber floors: Improvements through process re-engineering 1999 2
Timber use for construction in the UK 2004 5
UK Softwood Drying: A best practice guide 2000 2
Vibration in timber floors to Eurocode 5 2008 5
Wood residues: Waste or resource 1999 2