25 November 2020

Wood for the Trees – Tom Barnes’ project 9 months later

TRADA image

In February 2020, TRADA shared the exciting project of Tom Barnes, the managing director of TRADA member Vastern Timber, a family firm specialising in British grown timber.


Tom’s video series, which sees him invite experts from a range of backgrounds and perspectives to discuss the future of British woodland, launched successfully in January with the support of activist and filmmaker Charly Le Marchant. Each video installation highlights a different topic linked to woodlands, land use and wood in the built environment.


Nine months later, Tom has added 4 further videos plus a live discussion to the project, all of which we have highlighted below:


Episode 3: On resilient woodlands
– with forester Jez Ralph, Timber Strategies


Episode 4: Valuing the health benefits of trees
– with Suzi Martineu, The Tree Conference founder


Episode 5: Recreating a “wood culture”
– with Gabriel Hemery, forest scientist and co-founder of the Sylva Centre


Episode 6: Small woodlands challenges and opportunities plus a bonus live discussion on restoring small woodlands
– with Doug King-Smith, owner of the Hillyfield Woodland Farm


Read our introductory article on the project   Visit Tom Barnes' dedicated website