Bold new training plan from TRADA

28 January 2017

TRADA has developed a comprehensive suite of in-house training sessions that it hopes will continue its commitment to up-skilling the timber trade in 2017.

The bold new initiative builds on TRADA’s work to encourage the industry to improve its training record. Training will be delivered by Technical Consultants from Exova BM TRADA, who will visit companies to deliver the sessions (minimum of six individuals).

Each course provides the most up-to-date technical training and information through a highly practical format, including quizzes and hands on experience with timber samples.

The courses will take place over a full or half day and the table below lists the programme of sessions developed.  Based on experience we know that all trainees need to begin with ‘Timber behaviour and properties’, which lays down a vital foundation for understanding all other topics.  We strongly recommend trainees then proceed to either ‘Introduction to softwoods’ or ‘Introduction to hardwoods’.  All the topics listed in section C below can then be tackled relatively easily and quickly with the foundational understanding in place.

The sessions are designed to be as interactive as possible and questions are definitely encouraged! Although there is no formal assessment, delegates will be tested on their knowledge of what they’ve learned on the day.

The new training initiative builds on TRADA’s association with several member companies delivering a wide range of courses that businesses have found to be both beneficial and profitable.

The new initiative builds on these learnings and will enable more companies in the timber industry to benefit from TRADA’s years of experience. Training is open to the entire timber industry, although TRADA members will benefit from discounted prices.

“Our goal is to convince timber companies that training needs to be properly planned and executed – and when it is it can make a positive impact in the business providing good return on investment,” says Rupert Scott, TRADA’s membership and marketing manager.

“We do genuinely want to make a difference in the industry by providing training that actually grows the confidence and enthusiasm of ordinary members of staff so that they are equipped and motivated to learn for themselves and to use the resources that TRADA can provide to help them.”

  • Courses are priced for a flat fee (not per delegate). For more information, ring 01494 569601. 



Course topic


Key Content


Timber behaviour and properties

1 day

Biology of trees, wood properties, types, moisture and movement


Introduction to softwoods

½ day

Wood properties, grading, sizes, uses

Introduction to hardwoods

½ day

Wood properties, grading, sizes, uses










½ day

Longevity, good and bad details, fixing methods, key species, coatings and finishes.

Decking and garden products

½ day

Longevity, good and bad details, fixing methods, key species, coatings and finishes, slip resistance.


½ day

Different roof types, loading, insulation and condensation, loft conversions

Timbers for joinery and flooring

½ day

Species, appearance grades, movement, finishes

Timber frame introduction

½ day

Key materials, grades, sizes, performance, innovative products

Panel products

½ day

Types, uses, properties, grades

Engineered structural timber products

½ day

Types, uses, specification, National Structural Timber Specification

Timber certification

½ day

EUTR, Chain of custody, Illegal timbers, FSC, PEFC


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