02 November 2021

Up next on Fundamentals of timber: Moisture in timber

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Learn with TRADA Live: Fundamentals of timber provides a comprehensive overview of the many aspects of timber and is intended as an introductory resource for newcomers to the material and those looking to construct a strong foundational layer of knowledge upon which to build with the support of a trusted authority like TRADA.


The final two webinars of the 'Fundamentals of timber' series cover moisture in timber. Since it is an important subject and the webinars are best attended in sequence, attendees can only register for both webinars as a bundle.


Moisture in timber – Part 1 (2 Nov 2021, 12:00–13:00 GMT)

This covers: the most important timber issue to understand; what green timber or seasoned timber is; understanding the amount of water in timber; Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) and Fibre Saturation Point (FSP); what 12% moisture content means; why and how the moisture content of timber changes; drying of timber and good methods of storing timber; and shrinkage and movement.


This webinar has now taken place. However, you can still book on to attend Moisture in timber – Part 2.


Moisture in timber – Part 2 (14 Dec 2021, 12:00–13:00 GMT)

This covers: how much timber can shrink and how this occurs; shrinkage and swelling in the different planes of timber; movement classifications and how this aids determining the amount of shrinkage; how we accommodate shrinkage and swelling; and an introduction to Use Classes and in-service moisture contents.



Part 1 has now taken place. However, you can still book on to attend Moisture in timber – Part 2. The prices below reflect this.


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About the speaker

Lewis Taylor, Senior Timber Frame Consultant, BM TRADA

Lewis Taylor is a highly regarded member of BM TRADA’s Timber Consultancy team, a position he has held since 2007.


Most of Lewis’ professional work is carried out under BM TRADA’s nationwide frameCHECK service that offers architects, engineers, contractors and housing associations independent third-party advice on the design and build quality of timber-framed buildings.


His responsibilities include a wide range of specialist functions to save clients money and time, from conducting independent quality inspections and condition surveys, to evaluating design details and investigating defects and their remedy.


He is the co-author of several books, including TRADA’s bestselling Timber frame construction: designing for high performance 5th edition. 



Moisture in timber

This WIS provides basic information for the specifier and user on the facts and importance of the moisture content of wood.


It considers drying, shrinkage and movement, including movement values for some common species, and also looks at measuring moisture content, particularly the use of moisture meters.



  • Water and wood
  • Reasons for drying timber
  • Principles of timber drying
  • Measuring moisture content
  • Specifying moisture content
  • Care of dried timber


Available to: Members and Lecturers. Free for Registered Users and Students for a limited time.


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