23 August 2018

Unique, non-toxic wood selected by marine education centre for very special residents

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When it came to renovating a VIP area at the world-renowned aquarium and marine education centre The Deep, TRADA member Accsys Technologies PLC was the first port of call.


Accoya wood was selected to provide maximum comfort for its VIP residents – that’s ‘very important penguins’ – thanks to its exceptional properties of durability, reliability and stability. Non-toxic and with a guarantee of 50 years above ground, Accoya wood can withstand the damp conditions within the penguin enclosure while resisting distortion and warping over its lifetime.


The Deep is the only location in the North of England where the public can see Gentoo penguins. The Kingdom of Ice runs over three floors and features a chilled swimming pool, beach and nesting areas as well as the penguins' very own outdoor balcony with views overlooking the Humber. The exhibit has been created with the penguins' comfort in mind and boasts climate control and natural lighting cycles to provide essential behavioural cues for breeding and moulting. It is one of the most spectacular aquariums in the world and is home to 5,000 animals including magnificent sharks and rays as well as penguins. The dramatic building, which overlooks the Humber estuary, was designed by world-class architect Farrells.


25x150mm Accoya pieces were used as decking boards, bolted to a stainless-steel frame on the entrance walkway of the enclosure. A few offcuts were also used to construct a gate and others were scattered as debris in line with the display’s theme concept. All Accoya was sandblasted to artificially weather it and accentuate the grain. The planks were left uncoated. 


James Denman, aquarist at The Deep, commented: “It was wholeheartedly agreed that Accoya would be the best solution for a long-term outcome due to its hardwearing, versatile nature. The fact that Accoya doesn’t require treatment for longevity in a wet/dry area definitely appealed to us. When creating an exhibit for birds, the less chemicals used the better as they are incredibly sensitive.” 


Accoya wood is produced using Accsys Technologies PLC’s proprietary acetylation process, which chemically alters the cell structure of the wood to resist distortion. Certified Cradle to Cradle™ (C2C) Gold in recognition of its sustainability credentials, Accoya wood has the added benefit of offering peace of mind for the environmentally conscious. 


Accoya wood is available to buy throughout the UK and Ireland. Find out more