21 June 2017

TRADA unveils new NSTS 2.0

TRADA image

Fast becoming the ‘go to’ document for anyone building or specifying in timber, TRADA has unveiled the latest update to its National Structural Timber Specification (NSTS) – version 2.0 – free to download for registered users.


This much-awaited update includes added coverage of hardwoods for the first time, as well as a host of other changes that make this an essential document for anyone working or specifying in timber.


Developed by TRADA experts, the NSTS has been written to cover information exchange, materials, fabrication, erection, protection, and quality assurance within timber design, specification and use. It provides a definitive, comprehensive, stand-alone specification for structural timber in building construction.


NSTS v2.0 would not have been possible without collaboration from TRADA members. Several high-profile individuals provided feedback and input into the preparation of the new document including Andrew Lawrence, timber specialist and Associate Director at Arup; Andrew Holloway, from The Green Oak Carpentry Company; and David Venables at the American Hardwoods Export Council.


The big change within the NSTS this time around is the addition of structural hardwoods, which includes unseasoned woods generically known as ‘green oak’. The guide defines green oak as “a method of construction that uses unseasoned heavy timber elements, usually European oak, occasionally sweet chestnut or Douglas fir, typically in braced post and beam frames”.


Some of the other key changes include:


Section 5.1.1 Procurement – Guidance section has been updated to reflect the need for certification when sourcing wood.


Section 5.3.5 Corrosion resistance … (page 42) – paragraph added covering acidic extractives.


The Project Specification has also been updated to reflect the changes made to the NSTS v2.0. This and the NSTS Project Example are available to members and lecturers to download.


A hard copy is also available to purchase from the bookshop, where TRADA members receive a 35% discount. Visit the bookshop or download your copy for free below.