24 June 2019

Timber decking 3rd edition added to Books Online

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TRADA publication Timber decking is the definitive professional guide for decking designers and builders. It covers a number of different topics relating to decking including the advantages of using timber, timber's overall performance, and a list of span tables, all of which make this book the ultimate best practice guide to timber decking.


Prepared with the assistance of BM TRADA technical consultants and the Timber Decking and Cladding Association, Timber decking now includes additional guidance and examples to help professional decking designers and builders. These updates include:


  • 25 new or updated photographs and drawings;
  • 18 new pages of span tables* and accompanying notes, in line with Eurocode 5 design code, enabling decking specifiers to make the most efficient use of timber;
  • a significantly expanded section on slip resistance, including strategies to reduce slip potential;
  • further material on deck preparation and fixing details;
  • extended guidance on preservative treatment and fire retardant finishes; and
  • more information on visual appearance grading, weathering and timber species, including modified woods.


*Span tables prepared by Dr Keerthi Ranasinghe, TRADA Advisory Committee member.


The full text of many TRADA publications is available on TRADA.co.uk for free viewing, exclusively to TRADA members. Bestselling titles accessible online include: Timber frame construction: designing for high performance 5th edition, Structural timber elements: a pre-scheme design guide 2nd edition, and Cross-laminated timber: design and performance.


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