16 June 2021

Latest publication Timber connections: a guide for engineers (Part 1 - Theory)

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TRADA's latest offering is the new serial publication Timber connections: a guide for engineers, which offers a comprehensive engineering guide to the specific topic of timber connections.


Timber connections will assist the engineer with connection typology, design detail and the steps involved in verification by calculation. Technical illustrations, calculations and worked examples support the comprehensive textual analysis of the topics and challenges of timber connections.


In this first part, the underlying theory of connections is explored. Part 2 – Further topicsPart 3 – Worked examples and Part 4 – Proprietary connectors will be released in due course. A full book bringing the four parts together will also be released, with an additional chapter of case studies demonstrating engineering aspects of connections.


Part 1 – Theory is currently available as a PDF download from the TRADA Bookshop. 


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Non-members: £30



Part 1 - Theory

1 Introduction to timber connections
1.1 Materials used in connections
1.2 Service classes
1.3 Load duration classes
1.4 Modification factors for limit state design
2 Dowel type connections
2.1 Dowel type fasteners - specification
2.2 Eurocode 5 approach to connections: the Johansen Model
2.3 Axial load carrying capacity of fasteners
2.4 Lateral load carrying capacity of fasteners
3 Connection (joint) design
3.1 Connection capacity
3.2 Group effects
3.3 Spacing rules
3.4 Ductility of connections
4 Metal connectors
4.1 Plate fasteners
4.2 Connectors used with bolts


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