04 March 2020

Timber 2020 Industry Yearbook – Read it online now

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The Timber 2020 Industry Yearbook – the well-regarded annual publication TRADA distributes free of charge to more than 3,000 specifiers and manufacturers, as part of TRADA membership – is filled with educational editorial and indispensable technical articles provided by experts across the industry.


The 2020 Yearbook is now available to read online. See below for a complete list of TRADA articles conveniently listed by topic.


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  • Building with wood in a climate emergency  Gary Newman, Wood Knowledge Wales
  • Timber in construction: mitigating climate change  Callum Hill and Andrew Norton, Renuables
  • Climate emergency: an industry response  Ron Alalouff, BM TRADA
  • Timber and the circular economy  Charlie Law, Sustainable Construction Solutions
  • Delivering large-scale low-carbon education buildings – Christian Dimbleby, Architype
  • Timber and the resilient home  Christiane Lellig, Wood for Good


Off-site construction

  • Timber design pioneers: MMC needs a long-term vision  Chris Shaw, Urban Splash
  • Can off-site education increase productivity and address the skills shortage?  Mila Duncheva, COCIS
  • Providing an in-depth look at off-site timber construction  Robert Hairstans, Edinburgh Napier University
  • Structural insulated panels: inbuilt solutions  Michal Zajic & Martin Milner, Structural Timber Assocation


Cross-laminated timber

  • Mass timber for tall buildings: a new era dawns  Daniel Safarik, CTBUH
  • When extinction is a good thing: fire in mass timber buildings  Wojtek Serwatka, Entuitive


Timber bridges

  • Achieving longevity in external structures – Andrew Holloway, Green Oak Carpentry Company
  • Inspecting timber bridges – Nick Clifford, BM TRADA



  • Grade in Britain: enabling a wider range of home-grown species – Dan Ridley-Ellis, Edinburgh Napier
  • Adhesive-free buildings: update on research Conan O’Ceallaigh & Dan Bradley, University of Liverpool
  • Wood health  Ed Suttie, BRE
  • Understanding modified wood  Gordon Ewbank, Wood Protection Association



  • Pitched timber roofs: a geometry lesson  Mark Milner, North Kent University
  • A natural evolution: the wooden window  Kevin Underwood, Wood Windows Alliance
  • Reclaimed wood flooring  Nick Clifford, BM TRADA


Landscape and exteriors

  • Exterior timber cladding: a coating conundrum – Peter Kaczmar, BM TRADA
  • External timber cladding: updated guidance – Ivor Davies, Edinburgh Napier University
  • Composite decking: what specifiers need to know  Janet Sycamore, Timber Decking & Cladding Association



  • Enabling tomorrow’s timber designers today James Norman and Andrew Thomson, University of Bristol
  • Teaching construction to first-year architecture and architectural technology students  Maria Vogiatzaki, Anglia Ruskin University



Read the Yearbook