25 September 2018

Third edition of Timber Decking coming soon

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The popularity of outdoor living today is evident in the increased numbers of pergolas, conservatories and summerhouses as well as external seating areas such as decks and patios associated with UK housing. It is also reflected in the increased popularity of outdoor dining or drinking areas attached to pubs, restaurants and hotels.


Many of these open-air spaces are in the form of timber decks because they are easy and quick to build, require less groundwork than masonry construction, particularly on sloping or rough sites, and can blend in well with existing landscape features. Increased availability of durable hardwoods with full legal and environmental certification has also contributed to increased use in large public spaces.


Timber is increasingly the material of choice since it provides a natural, durable and aesthetically pleasing alternative to the traditional patio or terrace, and its high versatility enables deck structures to be created on any site.


The third edition of Timber decking enables professional designers and deck builders to utilise the advantages of timber and avoid potential pitfalls. It addresses design, both of the complete deck and of individual components, covering timber specification and selection, construction and finishing treatments. Produced in association with The Timber Decking and Cladding Association, updates include Eurocode 5 span tables, material on preparation and fixing details, and an expanded section on slip resistance.


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A full sample of Timber decking: The professionals' manual 3rd edition will be on our stand at Timber Expo for your perusal. Sign up for Timber Expo today