26 February 2022

The Structural Timber Engineering webinar series returns in March – now for free!

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When it comes to our technical timber webinars, we are only just getting started. In fact, 2022 marks our most ambitious year yet – with a full programme of FREE webinars across the year.


Our most successful Learn with TRADA Live series – Structural Timber Engineering and Fundamentals of Timber – are returning for a full repeat, while a brand new two-part Timber Frame series has also been added to the list.


We are therefore delighted to share that we are now taking bookings for the Structural Timber Engineering series, which is now available to all attendees for free.


This five-part series, curated by the BM TRADA timber team and led by Dr Keerthi Ranasinghe, lead contributor to Eurocode 5 span tables 4th edition and Manual for the design of timber building structures to Eurocode 5 2nd edition, is a detailed introduction to structural timber engineering for practising engineers as well as students.


Sustainable, elegant and enduring, timber as a structural material has been used to construct buildings since the dawn of civilisation, and is a popular alternative to other mainstream building materials as it is a renewable resource – if sourced from a sustainably managed forest with FSC or PEFC certification. However, it is still not routinely covered in all engineering courses.


The series will not require you to participate with video and audio. However, questions submitted while a webinar takes place will be answered in the panel Q&A at the end of the session.


Course Dates:


15 March 2022 · 12:00–13:30 GMT

Introducing timber and how it is handled as a structural material with Dr James Norman, Professor of Sustainable Design, University of Bristol, and Dr Keerthi Ranasinghe, Principal Engineer – Structural Timber, Warringtonfire

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22 March 2022 · 12:00–13:30 GMT

Understanding structural timber products, how they are made and for what purposes they are used with Dr Hugh Mansfield-Williams, Technical Manager, BM TRADA, and Andrew King, Director, Constructional Timber

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30 March 2022 · 12:00–13:30 BST

Key differences between structural timber and structural steel with Dr Keerthi Ranasinghe, Principal Engineer – Structural Timber, Warringtonfire, and Ishan Abeysekera, Senior Engineer, Arup

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05 April 2022 · 12:00–13:30 BST

Designing with moisture in mind in new and old timber buildings with Andrew Lawrence, Associate Director, Arup, and Lewis Taylor, Senior Timber Frame Consultant, BM TRADA

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12 April 2022 · 12:00–13:30 BST

How timber components are connected with Dr Jose-Manuel Cabrero, Professor of Timber, University of Navarra, and Dr Adrian Leijten, Professor of Timber Engineering (Retired) at Eindhoven University of Technology

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Please email jane.lomas@bmtrada.com if you have any questions.


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