29 January 2018

Structural Timber Elements: a pre-scheme design guide 2nd edition now available

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Structural Timber Elements: a pre-scheme design guide 2nd edition has been developed for use as an at-a-glance comparative reference for structural timber options to assist with the pre-scheme design process. It is intended to help an experienced designer make the right decisions early in the design experience.


Designers are likely to ask questions such as: What should the building be made from? Where should columns or walls be located? Is it a framed building or does it have loadbearing walls? How thick do walls and floors need to be? The result of that process is the ‘scheme’ that the architect and structural engineer will take forward for detail development.


The guide is aimed at structural engineers who may have designed buildings of steel and concrete but have not acquired significant experience in timber, but it will also be useful to architects, building designers, lecturers and students.


The book draws on the twin resources of technical application and experience. It combines design data with the experience of several timber designers from a variety of practices. It also aims to raise the engineer’s awareness of issues that they may not consider at pre-scheme design stage for other materials.


The second edition contains additional information on robustness, moisture, movement, typical moment connection capacities, long span beams, as well as several new drawings, graphs and sizing tables. There is also a large section on disproportionate collapse (whereby any damage done to a building should not be disproportionate to the original cause).


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