24 April 2018

Spot-on: Timber Frame

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There are lots of good reasons for choosing timber frame as a construction method for dwellings and medium rise buildings in the UK - speed of construction, low cost, less disruption, environmentally friendly. Timber-framed buildings are also far quicker to erect than brick or stone buildings, saving you time and money.


For those wanting to fully understand the method of timber frame construction, the FAQs in TRADA’s Start Here (Wood Information   Start Here) area are an invaluable resource and the perfect starting point for anyone looking for a quick answer to their timber frame query.


This month’s featured question is: How can I achieve high levels of thermal performance?


Current timber frame construction incorporates high levels of insulation within structural elements, but clients are now seeking designs that can deliver improved thermal performance. This can be achieved by using:

  • deeper solid timber studs
  • deep engineered timber studs (typically timber I-joists or open web joists)
  • additional layers of insulation material (internally or externally)
  • novel construction methods such as SIPs


Options for improving the thermal performance of existing timber frame buildings include:

  • improving airtightness
  • increasing roof insulation
  • upgrading windows
  • adding floor insulation
  • upgrading wall insulation.


TRADA publishes books and guides that are packed with quality content on timber frame. Scroll down to ‘Recommended Reading’. A colour-coded icon above each publication provides a handy guide to access levels.


TRADA’s bestselling book Timber frame construction: designing for high performance draws together the requirements of the building regulations, other recognised guidance (such as industry publications) and Exova BM TRADA's recommendations for best practice to create the definitive guide to timber frame. This book is available for members to view online, or buy at the TRADA Bookshop. TRADA member discount of 35% applies.


For further knowledge on timber frame, why not attend TRADA’s popular training courses Timber Frame Construction and Timber Frame for Engineers. TRADA member discount applies.


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