28 August 2019

Rothoschool lands in London

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TRADA member Rothoblaas has been sharing its timber expertise on a world tour with its self-titled Rothoschool. Its goal: to bring professionals together and to consequently inform, connect and enrich the industry together.


Its courses are designed to appeal to timber professionals who wish to remain informed and well-versed in best practice within a fast changing industry.


The success of Rothoschool is demonstrated by the German-speaking CLT course, which is in its 4th edition, and the English CLT course which sells out 150 spaces on an annual basis.


Rothoschool’s next course is the two-day Mass Timber seminar, due to take place 2–3 October 2019 at the Building Centre in London. Attendees will be exposed to a comprehensive programme of talks, covering themes affecting the industry internationally and presented by eminent speakers armed with expertise in their subject. Roundtables and networking opportunities will provide further opportunities for discussion.


Peter Lang, Co-CEO and Sales Manager of North Europe, plays an active role in Rothoschool, masterminding many of its most popular events. He shared: ‘The training and teaching side of Rothoblaas is not only a natural consequence of being a modern supplier, it is ingrained in the mission of the company itself. Its confidence in timber construction, its analysis of the needs of the market, and the development of its own products – all these things naturally lead to the promotion of correct usage and timber knowledge, which require events where industry professionals can network, learn and share’.


Download the Mass Timber programme 


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Rothoblaas is exhibiting at the Better Timber Buildings conference in London on 27 November 2019. Find out more