22 November 2017

Puzzled by preservatives? TRADA can help

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With a new monthly feature on its FAQ area, TRADA’s website can help with advice, practical examples and technical information to answer your questions and avoid costly mistakes. This month’s feature focusses on preservatives.


Preservative treatments can significantly extend the service life of construction timbers by providing an effective long-term protection against all forms of wood decay and insect attack.


There are several important issues to consider when selecting a preservative treatment, namely: the type and level of treatment required; in-service conditions; service factors; desired service life; and permeability and the natural durability of timber species.


Featuring ten of the construction industry’s most commonly asked preservative questions, and a handy ‘where can I get more help’ guide, TRADA’s FAQ area takes the ‘headache’ out of finding that elusive answer to your urgent question.


From specifying preservatives, to disposing of treated timber, explaining the difference between water-borne and solvent treatments, to the impact of preservatives on the weathering of timber – FAQ is the perfect starting point for anyone looking for a quick answer to their preservative problem.


This month’s featured question is: How do I decide whether a wood product requires preservative treatment?


TRADA publishes books and guides, packed with quality content on preservatives. Scroll down to ‘Recommended Reading’. A colour-coded icon above each publication provides a handy guide to access levels.


This section also includes a handy link to ‘Wood Species’, helping you to match the ideal wood species to your project. Search by colour, durability, density and price band from our database of more than 150 commercially available species, which also lists TRADA members who supply each one.


FAQ is quick and easy to find.  Click on the ‘Wood Information’ tab at the top of the home page, and follow the link to ‘Start Here’ and ‘Preservatives’.


Members can download a free copy of:  WIS 2/3-16 Preservative treatment for timber - a guide to specification.


TRADA connects specifiers and purchasers with trusted member suppliers through its Find a Supplier directory. Search our extensive database by product category or service, and get swift access to the contact details of reputable preservative suppliers. 


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Can’t find the answer to your preservative query? TRADA members can pick up the phone or email us for free, confidential advice on +44 (0)1494 569601 or advisory@trada.co.uk.