28 July 2020

New TRADA Topic – Sustainability

TRADA image

In support of the new Wood CO2ts less campaign, coordinated by Wood for Good and supported by significant organisations including Swedish Wood, Confor, the Timber Trade Federation and Structural Timber Association, TRADA has launched a new ‘Sustainability’ section on the TRADA website.


The need to build sustainably has been a long-standing issue for many decades, yet it has never before been so critical – and it will only become more so, as the UK and the rest of the world strives to reach net zero carbon emissions.


At TRADA we have long championed the use of timber in construction for all its benefits. The potential role of timber in building a sustainable future has a substantial influence over our core mission statement, which is constructed around promoting timber for the good of sustainable construction.


Thus, our new ‘Sustainability’ section, which is a handy catch-all for TRADA resources of interest to those looking to build sustainably with timber, is certainly overdue.


Comprising seven pages, each covering a different facet of the argument for sustainable best practices, the new section provides lists of relevant TRADA resources and functions as a comprehensive reading list.


TRADA’s Membership and Marketing Manager Rupert Scott said: ‘TRADA has long brought attention to the urgency of building sustainably, with an array of resources focusing on the topic and even more referencing it. As TRADA seeks to make its information more accessible, you can look forward to more sections like this one.’


To get started, visit the Introduction to Sustainability page or choose from one of the below topics:


Timber as a sustainable material 
Sustainable timber sourcing 
Sustainable production of timber products 
Sustainable building design in the circular economy 
Sustainable building processes 
Sustainable building life 
Sustainability and health 



Photo: Callum Hill