08 March 2019

New TRADA publication 'Timber design pioneers' launched at Futurebuild

TRADA image

Collaborating for innovation is highlighted in the new TRADA publication Timber design pioneers, which will be released section by section on a monthly basis.


The role of collaboration in driving innovation and improving the quality of our timber buildings has been much discussed. The relationship cannot be denied: when project teams collaborate to address challenges they are facing, pooling their respective expertise and experience, the problem-solving process can be much more effective.


Of course, several criteria must be met for collaboration to augment the problem-solving process, since first-rate teamwork and constructive communication are fundamental to its success. This is the thinking behind the new TRADA publication Timber design pioneers – supported by Wood for Good – which focuses on the role collaboration has played and continues to play in innovation across the timber industry.


Learn from the multidisciplinary teams behind ground-breaking structures in the UK – including the Macallan Distillery, the Vortex, and more – whose collective experiences have been captured in individual interviews and collated into an easily digestible format. It follows a similar structure to previous TRADA releases and covers key themes such as well-being, sustainability, interiors, process, and complex briefs.


Timber design pioneers is, at its core, about the relationships in such teams – both the dynamics and the challenges tackled. All teams encounter varying obstacles to success, but the tenacity displayed by these particular teams has resulted in these remarkable timber buildings. Each interview adds a different perspective, offering a multi-layered view of the problem-solving process and demonstrating how collaborating creatively as a unit enables individuals to innovate beyond expectations.


TRADA’s Rupert Scott says: ‘TRADA is honoured to collaborate with Wood for Good in producing such an indispensable publication. We hope it inspires others to work together in partnership across disciplines, so that as an industry we can continue improving the quality of our timber buildings’.


Christiane Lellig, Wood for Good’s Campaign Director, shares: ‘This project is as much about inspiring new pioneers in timber design as it is about celebrating innovation and driving change in the way projects are approached and delivered – a kaleidoscope of solutions mirroring the different perspectives in multi-disciplinary teams’.


Earlier this month Futurebuild attendees had the opportunity to celebrate the launch of Timber design pioneers with complimentary copies of the complete publication, and talks from the pioneers themselves on the Materials Hub stage. To see pictures from our launch event or to find out more about our activities, please refer to our Twitter account