27 February 2019

New TRADA Briefing document 'The role of wood in healthy buildings' packs a punch

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BRE's Dr Ed Suttie launched TRADA’s new Briefing document The role of wood in healthy buildings on timber’s potential role in supporting health and well-being earlier this month at TTJ's Wood and Wellness conference.


Over the years, the influence our surroundings have on our health has been subject to much debate, analysis and discussion in the construction industry. Certainly it has never been more relevant; more people than ever are going to the doctors for stress and poor mental health, and research indicates that the average person spends more than 90% of their time indoors.


The Briefing document The role of wood in healthy buildings collates a plethora of international research highlighting the impact of exposure to nature and natural products on health and well-being, and considers how wood – with its inherent benefits – can be best utilised as a tool.


Of his work with TRADA in creating the document, Dr Ed Suttie, BRE, declared: ‘This is a flag in the ground, a starting point, coalescing the current evidence. It points towards how we as an industry can work together to fundamentally start to deliver health and well-being through the use of timber and timber products in buildings and construction’.



  • Introduction
  • What makes a building healthy?
  • Regulations and certification
  • The evidence for using timber and wood products within healthy buildings
  • Specifying timber for healthy buildings
  • The future of healthy buildings


Many thanks to BRE / BRE Trust for both their support and interest in this publication.


The 28-page document is currently free to download on the TRADA website. Simply login to an existing account or register as a free registered user to access it.



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More documents on the subject are due in the coming months. For now, you might be interested in the Research Summary Timber and healthy buildings: indoor air quality.