24 March 2021

New technical bulletin provides overview of UKCA marking

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After 47 years of membership, the UK left the EU on 31 January 2020. There followed a transition period during which the UK continued to participate in the EU Customs Union and the European single market. A Trade and Cooperation Agreement was negotiated so the transition period ended at 11pm on 31 December 2020 with a deal called the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement.


For the UK construction industry, the obligation to comply with the EU Construction Products Regulation (EU CPR) ended with the termination of the transition period and a new regulatory framework applies for construction products from 1 Jan 2021. This framework retains most of the characteristics of the EU CPR, but is complex in the way requirements vary between Great Britain, Northern Ireland and countries within the European single market.


This bulletin summarises the key points that the construction industry must be aware of throughout 2021, and is intended for:

  • Those who already have a general understanding of CE marking;
  • Those working with construction products (many other types of product carry CE marking and have their own rules and guidance – both from UK Government websites and industry associations);
  • Manufacturers of construction products;
  • Authorised representatives;
  • Importers of construction products; and
  • Conformity Assessment Bodies in the UK and the European single market.


The bulletin includes:

  • Summary of the EU CPR (including harmonised standards and European Assessment Documents);
  • Summary of the UK CPR (including 2019 and 2020 Amendments);
  • Manufacturer obligations (including dual marking, third country status and conformity);
  • Authorised representative obligations;
  • Importer obligations;
  • The risk of divergence in the regulation of construction products; and
  • Annex A – a list of EU tertiary legislation adopted by the UK CPR.


Some gaps still exist and guidance may change throughout the year.


Download the UKCA Marking technical bulletin