27 February 2019

New Case Study: Old Shed New House

TRADA image

TRADA’s latest Case Study focuses on the tasteful transformation of a run-down shed into a house fit to contain – and display – a lifetime collection of books and art.


Old Shed New House, which is sheltered in the rolling landscape of North Yorkshire, was designed for clients who wanted to retire to a quiet rural area. Its name references both the successful transformation of the old shed into a home, and its remaining likeness – emphasised through elements carefully incorporated with this intention.


Externally, the shape of the house and the cladding echo the old shed. Bands of horizontal Siberian larch boards are set between a series of vertical galvanised steel fins; the boards vary in size and are lapped, forming bays which vary in width. The structure, originally a three bay steel portal frame, has been extended longitudinally, vertically and laterally, with new sections and internal columns inserted. Spruce timber framing in the perimeter walls together with plywood sheathing provide further stability, while timber purlins/joists and plywood decking provide plate stiffness to the roof.


The house incorporates the usual living spaces, but the addition of exhibition space for a collection of art and a large library has resulted in a web of interconnected spaces, some small and some double-height. This, in combination with a lightweight bridge and library mezzanine floor, and joinery of Latvian birch plywood finished with Osmo PolyX oil in white, creates an overwhelming sense of space and light.


These simple but modern touches ultimately elevate the shed, once a container for tools and tractors, into a home – with space for a lifetime collection of books and art.


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